Moving Packaging and Boxes

Packaging belongings

For the packing of belongings and small objects we have several box models available—all double cardboard, high-strength, and holding up to 90 kg. Small boxes for books, large boxes for glassware, high boxes for clothes on hangers, etc. Glassware and delicate items are packed carefully piece by piece with a special packing paper.

Special goods packaging

Special plastic boxes for the most delicate packing, boasting careful finishing and internally protected with bubble wrap to ensure safe moves. Cold box, stemware box, dishware box, wardrobe box for delicate clothing (suits, mink coats, etc.)

Moves to warehousing

For moves to the warehouse or for extremely delicate furniture, we use a special 3-layer bubble wrap, cardboard sheets and even wooden custom frames, as required. We also have cardboard closets, ideal for storing clothing in our furniture warehouse.

Furniture packaging

Furniture and voluminous objects are packaged as needed: for simple local and domestic moves, they are protected with moving blankets and resistant covers before the move. Sofas are packed in special waterproof and resistant covers. Mattresses are protected with bespoke plastic covers. These packaging items are recoverable to reduce costs, without losing quality.

Furthermore, all our removals are insured against any risk.

Payment Methods

We only accept payments in cash and bank transfer.