Hoists and Lifts for Removals

We have the latest technology in facade lifts. These lifts allow us to move furniture from your apartment to the truck, sometimes directly, and vice versa.


  • Reduces the risk of damaging furniture by using the stairs.
  • Makes the move more cost-effective.
  • Avoids bothering neighbours.
  • Reduces the time of completion of the service.

We have 3 lift models for removals

  • Truck-mounted lift: up to a height of 12 floors.
  • Lift on telescopic trailer: up to a height of 6 floors. Can be used provided that the trailer can be positioned directly under the window or balcony.
  • Lift removable by sections: Up to a height of 5 floors. It is used in gardens, patios, hard-to-access sites and even stairwells.

If you only need the lift, you can rent it

  • Telescopic: 90 € / hour
  • Collapsible: 90 € / hour
  • Truck-mounted Lift: 90 € / hour + parking permit
  • Prices plus VAT